Virtual Homes Realty LLC.

160 Cypress Point Parkway

Suite # B202

Palm Coast, FL 32164

Main Office # (386) 445-9911

Fax (866) 800-8298

The following is included with our services

  • Rental collections, calls, follow up, with a 3-6 month walk-through (more frequently if needed)
  • Administration & coordination of all repairs
  • Notices ie: late rent, eviction etc
  • Processing of owner documentation I Monthly reports (financial, bill paying, work orders  etc.)
  • General management
  • Our software -  delivers a comprehensive system that will keep you on top of your investment. This powerful software provides instant information on lease expirations, status of move-ins and move-outs, delinquencies, escalations and vacancies. We can track information on pending, current, past, evicted and inactive tenants.
  • We can help you to get a handle on your investment. Our maintenance system allows an accurate record of cash flows, budgets, expense caps, maintenance requests, print work orders, track the status of open work orders and keep a permanent maintenance history for each tenant, unit or property.
  • We can easily view current owner balances for each G/L account. This is particularly helpful for owners who own multiple properties and operate from a single bank account.